Sunday, February 24, 2008

A busy few weeks!

We've been keeping busy lately, which is a great thing!

Last weekend, we went to Chicago to see the Edward Hopper art exhibit. Cassie and I took the train in, and it was a pretty cool experience since I had never ridden the train into Chicago before. The terminal in Chicago was almost like an airport.
We couldn't help but spend the first couple of hours shopping around. All of the stores in Chicago are bigger and better than what we're used to.

The Hopper exhibit was great, and really surprised me how bright and vivid the artwork looks in person. One of the highlights was "Nighthawks" which looks amazing in person.
We then had some deep dish Chicago pizza at a restaurant that we later found out has a location only minutes from our house! Even so, the pizza was great, especially because it essentially has an entire block of cheese on each slice. It was a really fun trip, and it makes me want to go back soon!

This weekend, Shalom played its last show at the Cup of Joy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We were all a little sad to see the band end, but we are all so busy in our own lives, that it is nearly impossible to keep things going. We had a great show, opening for a band called Air Five, and had an amazing live video made! I'll have it posted on YouTube soon.

It was great to visit Oshkosh and hang out with all the guys from the band again.

After working all weekend, I'm gearing up with Cassie to go back to classes tomorrow. It will definitely be a strange atmosphere following the tragedy, but we will try to make the best of it and keep going on.

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